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Placenta Encapsulation 

In other cultures throughout history, the placenta has been referred to as “the bed of the child”, “the brother or sister of the baby”, “the tree of life”, and “the mother’s bread/cake.”

It has been used in various traditions—such as planting under a tree—to symbolize its importance in nurturing the child’s growth. Placenta encapsulation has recently become popular, as the media has publicized celebrities encapsulating their placentas


Although there has been little and limited research on placenta encapsulation, we get many inquiries and requests for placenta encapsulation. As more women are choosing this option, placenta capsules are widely reported to stabilize hormones, boost mood, and return energy. 


What sort of training do placenta encapsulators receive?


The answer to this question will vary widely among those offering placenta services, as there are currently no regulations governing placenta encapsulation.

I received professional training, which involved 16 hours of classroom and hands-on practice and included OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogen training. The method of encapsulation I use is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves steaming the placenta prior to dehydration. Once your placenta is transformed into capsules, I will present them to you in a labeled glass jar, along with consumption guidelines. A complimentary cord keepsake is included.

Would you like more information about placenta encapsulation?

Thanks for contacting me!

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